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Leading Teams to Commitment

Commitment is the glue that holds teams together. However, team members will only be able to commit fully when the conditions are right. Members must first be able to trust that it is safe to commit and that expressing opinions will not invite retribution. Commitment is a force that delivers continuity and resilience as retention…

Nurturing A Culture Of Creative Conflict

Any organization these days must be ready to adapt to the changing world in which it operates. That means that the leaders must have the courage to look at difficult questions with open minds and open hearts. When an organization is more concerned with conformity and harmony than it is about creatively, when responding to conflicts, it will be limited in its ability to adapt and respond in ways that will ensure success.

Participants of DOR Training Program

“Loved the┬ápresentation on Building High Performance Teams! I found it to be especially interactive and the brainstorming was the best. Nicole as an instructor was well organized, very informative, energetic/dynamic, fun and entertaining. The materials and videos presented were powerful and related perfectly to the topics being discussed. I found the small group to be…

Creating Leadership Trust

Trust is one of the fundamental factors in any working organization from which you can draw conclusions about that organization. Likewise, the behavior and performance levels that are externally apparent can be a strong indicator of trust levels within the organization. It is the character and truthfulness in the collective culture that is the determining…