“The instructor, Nicole, was by far the best instructor I have had so far. She was focused, enlightening, informative, and knowledgeable. Nicole is a great instructor – she kept me engaged at all times. This course taught me how coaching is an effective leadership tool to help employees succeed. As a leader, I now better know how I come off to staff and peers. I’m mindful that there are other manners of how people approach the same issues. I’ll be sure to use the team member building modules to assist my team in being productive and to make them feel valued. I’ll go back to my office and give the surveys to my staff. Nicole, thank you for teaching this class. It was easy to understand. Your approach and they way you present information is great.”

Leaders of Department of Fair Employment and Housing

“Loved the presentation on Building High Performance Teams! I found it to be especially interactive and the brainstorming was the best. Nicole as an instructor was well organized, very informative, energetic/dynamic, fun and entertaining. The materials and videos presented were powerful and related perfectly to the topics being discussed. I found the small group to be conducive to learning and translated into open participation at a higher level. Nicole gave good alternatives on how to get employees to join and have a buy in. Excellent training!”

Participants of DOR Training Program

“Nicole is a ‘challenger’. A challenger of both individuals and organizations. A challenger of assumptions, attitudes, behaviors, and goals. With a brutally honest yet delightful disposition, Nicole facilitates learning and leadership that is sustainable for the organization, moving people and groups to maximize their potential.”

Michael Valle, Project Manager at Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

“Nicole makes you see your strengths and weaknesses and offers sound recommendations to enhance your positive attributes while turning your negative attributes into strengths. She shows true professionalism and sincerity during and after your sessions. She is an excellent career coach.”

John Galicia

“Nicole was able to vastly improve my assertiveness skills in very a short period of time, much more than I would have ever thought possible. Her direct, but non-confrontational approach is refreshing and effective. The hands on approach to learning she uses leads to quick results. Nicole’s knowledge of the subject matter and ability to communicate effectively to the client is the key to success. It is obvious that Nicole has her clients’ best interests in mind and truly wants to see them improve. I look back at my notes from our sessions and can see just how far I have come, and I am impressed. I would gladly work with Nicole on any subject matter.”

Cynthia Gorham

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