State Supervisory Training

Monday, Jan 22nd, 2018

The State Supervisory Training offered by Sacramento State University, the College of Continuing Education offers participants coaching as a part of the program.

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Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship

Tuesday, Dec 26th, 2017

If you know of anyone in the Workforce Development Profession who is interested in earning the industry’s first professional certificate or augment their education with an on-the-job apprenticeship, please refer them to Sacramento State College of Continuing Education.

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Increasing Commitment In Your Organization

Wednesday, Jun 10th, 2015

Lashing Down Your Goals With Commitment Commitment is the social strap that binds your organization together. The essence of the mission and idea, values and vision that you aspire to achieve are all parts of a model shared in the minds of the members of your organization. A clear and appealing common vision will do wonders to inspire tightly committed teams that turn your organization into a living organism in its right. It is important for leaders to understand the distinctions between the various aspects of commitment that relate to the organization. On the most basic level there is a commitment of the individual to the cause, this is the attribute that leaders look for in candidates for management and […]

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Individual Commitment To Decision

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Commitment to Decisions When You Disagree As a leader, you will often need to have a high level of commitment to decisions made within the organization, in order to play the role that is required of you. You will likely have already proven that you both possess and value this vital attribute. There will be times when your loyalties and heart are in different places. What happens when you disagree with a decision, not out of principle but out of the practical experience? Commitment And Faith And Forgiveness The time that your commitment will be tested is when competent people appear to be making the wrong choice. When you have faith in the system, you will still find that there […]

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Leading Teams to Commitment

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Commitment is the glue that holds teams together. However, team members will only be able to commit fully when the conditions are right. Members must first be able to trust that it is safe to commit and that expressing opinions will not invite retribution. Commitment is a force that delivers continuity and resilience as retention of committed team members means not just loyalty but a strengthened organizational knowledge base.    This knowledge base gives the organization the power to tackle extended and motivated employees are much more likely to carry the load of an absent colleague or manage through challenging times. There Is No “I” In Team In team building, it is essential that leaders nurture the right environment to foster […]

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