Transform Yourself – Balancing the demands of life

Self-transformation is a great journey worth going for. It can lead us into achieving our goals and making us better, smarter and happier in life. In order to fully transform ourselves, we should be aware on the importance of balancing the demands of life.

We all have priorities and demands that needed to be fulfilled, but are we doing it in the right way? Are we heading on the right track of time? It’s not that easy to balance the demands of life especially if it conflicts with our priorities. Our priorities may include family, relationship, dreams, passion, wellness, education and other important aspects and reasons why we want to succeed in life. Demands are the things or responsibilities that we need to do even if we don’t really want to nor have time to do so. Demands are may be due to financial obligation, career responsibilities and to serve the expectations of people around us. Sometimes we have to disregard our own priorities in order to serve these demands.

In order to carefully balance the demands of life, we must first take time to identify our top five personal values. These personal values may include self-worth, respect, compassion, honesty, dedication, integrity, learning, self-confidence, trustworthiness, privacy, commitment, positivity, etc. We have to identify which among those values are the ones that we consider to be primarily important to us as we go through life.

Upon identifying our top 5 personal values, we must then ensure that we do things in accordance to our top personal values so we can enjoy what we are doing thus lessen the stress and give us more fulfillment as we balance our life’s demands. We should also learn to say no on demands that are not aligned with our values because it can only result into something that we don’t like. Lastly, wherever the life’s demands take us into, we must always consider our priorities in life.

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