Ina Arno, Sr. Technical Recruiter / Consultant, Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.

“I had the pleasure to work for and with Nicole as a Senior Recruiter on her team at Pac-West Telecomm. In my tenured years as both a senior staffing and HR professional, I have worked for a number of people in this profession, but have NEVER worked for someone as talented as Nicole. If I were asked the question “who is the best HR/Staffing person you know”, she would be at the top of my list. She never ceased to amaze me with the level of work that she is capable of producing and on top of that, her work was exceptional and her execution flawless. She is fearless when it comes to taking on critical situations that need to be dealt with and handles them effectively and efficiently. Communication is a strength of hers… she recognizes the importance of being connected to all levels within an organization and has an uncanny way of dealing most appropriately with senior level executives, providing much needed counsel and direction. She knows her stuff! She is always open and honest, always available, and places a very high level of importance on ethics. But what I admire most about Nicole is her creativity. The ideas and concepts she comes up with is of such value to her role as a professional. And, her ability to articulate those ideas places her way above other professionals in her field. I highly recommend Nicole for any opportunity she believes aligns with her career goals.”

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